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How to Decorate Bedside Zone

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Bedroom area is one of the most interesting areas for decorating. This place is quite secluded, even intimate. It should be relaxing and comfortable. In this article we will discuss how to arrange the bedside zone properly.

Bedside Zone Decoration

As in any composition, there must be things of paramount importance along with those of lesser importance. You must decide which area will serve as a focal point. There are several options, let’s look at them in detail.

Bed and headboard

If you decide to focus on the bed, it will be a brave, but a reasonable solution. And here you also have two options:

1. Playing with color

In this case, you can only work with the colors and textures of the upholstery. The form can be quite traditional, but an interesting hue will make your bed stand out.

Headboard in colors

Headboard in colors

2. Playing with shapes

This method is more expensive, as the production of this kind of headboard is rather laborious and time-consuming. Nevertheless, the original headboard is a real decoration of the whole room. Today, fabric and leather upholstery combination is especially popular, as well as metal rim around the headboard, and various inserts and inlays, and a headboard curved at the edges.

Headboard in shapes

Headboard in shapes

Bedside tables

Bedside tables are probably the most elegant way to decorate the bedside zone. There are different ways of their choice and placement:

1. Classical symmetry and functionality

If you are a conservative person, then you will enjoy this way more than other. It offers to select two identical bedsides of beautiful shapes and place them symmetrically at each side of the bed. In such a scenario you cannot do without drawers, which will be very useful for storing all sorts of trivia.

Classical symmetry

Classical symmetry 

2. Items of different purpose

In this case we are talking about all items which can play the role of a bedside table: small stands, coffee tables, original ottomans or just a pile of books and magazines. This decision is unusual and charming, especially if you can decorate this piece of furniture properly and put a few beautiful trinkets on it.

Original bedside table

Original bedside table

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