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Home in Black Serenity

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A Taiwanese design studio Atelierii + Just Make Design a bold offered decision for the residence «Home in Black Serenity» in Taipei. Using completely dark finishes, decorative elements and furniture, designers sought to create a sense of total luxury. When you first look at the images of the interior they create a sense of processed black-and-white photos.

Black Serenity by Taiwanese Designers

Home in Black Serenity in Taipei by Atelierii + Just Make Design

Home in Black Serenity in Taipei by Atelierii + Just Make Design, dining room

The house includes four bedrooms located on both sides of a central corridor. The designers used different textures (stone, marble) to set the visual boundaries of each zone. The lightest material is a natural stone used to decorate the walls of the living and dining rooms.

It is a truly a bold move to use only one color in interior design. And when the color is black, the results can be both shocking and shockingly exquisite. The project “House in a black serenity” is, no doubt, the latter.

Black is the color of something hidden, secret and unknown, which creates an air of mystery”,

explain the designers. And at the same time it is a great choice for a hospitable home.

Of course, the owners of this residence completely agree with the designers. The layout of the house seems to be simple at first sight, but actually it is not. The designers used different textures, and the most unexpected detail in the interior is a bare wall of natural stone. It creates an unusual background for a living and dining area with open plan.

The designers have used natural textures and materials. So, the walls in the hallway are covered with rough stone with natural texture, and the floor is paved with marble tiles with contrasting white veins. They managed to divide the space into public and private with flooring. In bedrooms, living room, dining room and hallway they used different shades of natural marble from deep black in the hallway, to light gray in the bedrooms. It looks impressive, especially when combined with the furniture, consisting of mirrored surfaces, exotic upholstery and glass.

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