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Interiors by Fashion Designer Christian Lacroix

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Famous designers and world-renowned fashion houses now offer their fans not only clothes, numerous accessories and perfumes, but also stylish furniture, original features, and even entire interiors.As a rule, designers transfer their style into interior design, making their style unique and easily recognizable.

Hotel Interiors by Fashion Designer Christian Lacroix

Room in the Hotel du Petit Moulin in Paris designed by Christian Lacroix

Room in the Hotel du Petit Moulin in Paris designed by Christian Lacroix

So, Christian Lacroix, nicknamed for his talent as a “craftsman with a magic brush”, became famous for his colorful collections in Gypsy style. He believes that in fashion harmony arises from the fusion of different styles, when the spirit of our time is combined with elements of clothing of the past, and modernity coexists with tradition.

Lacroix’s palette contains all shades of red and yellow, blue and green colors. Clothing often has stripe pattern or mosaic. The same brightness and beauty is met also in his interiors.

One of the first interior works of Lacroix was a design of the Paris hotel rooms for the Hotel du Petit Moulin, which brought him victory in the nomination “Best Hotel” Award of the British Wallpaper magazine.

The hotel is located on the border of the ancient Marais district and is considered one of the most fashionable hotels in Paris. The appearance of the facade did not have any changes, but the interior was completely changed.

As the designer said, he always liked the idea of the hotel, where you could travel from room to room. Each of the 17 rooms corresponds to the way you discover this area of ​​Paris, where you go down not by chance, but because you are called by the spirit of time and history. There are 17 atmospheres for each of the 17 rooms and 17 ways to open the Marais. Some rooms more classic, while others are closer to kitsch or tthe eastern interior. Lacroix wanted to show the different faces of the Marais district, from the historical to the more modern and playful ones.

In each room there is the spirit of haute couture. It is mostly felt in the room where the walls are decorated with sketches of fashionable clothes from Lacroix. The decoration contains such fabrics like brocade, velvet and damask. The color scheme is also very wide – from dull shine of antiques to bright, flashy colors of modern interior elements.

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