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Chess-Inspired Interior Design

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Chess floors are not the only chess-inspired design there is. Here are some ideas for chess-inspired design remodeling. Chess floors looks stylish. Contrasting black and white can withstand many brave design solutions. Chess floors or walls add an interesting kick to your decor but it’s not always have to black and white and floor.

Chess-Inspired Interior Design

Chess-inspired design can also be seen in furniture such as shelves and the chess walls can be other colors than black and white. Find your own color scheme and make it work. Also don’t be afraid to brighten up your classic black and white chess floors with some wild bright accents to make your interior design more interesting and personal.

But there is more than the chess pattern…

Get more inspiration from chess by looking into chess piece-like furniture and decorations. They are elegant, beautiful and ornate and can easily add luxury to your home decor. While you don’t need to turn your house into a chessboard you can subtly decorate your room using inspiration from chess pattern and pieces.

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Mona Liz

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  1. Joseph Pineda – Kitchens Melbourne Says:

    As a new interior design practitioner I have been searching and collecting an images and idea like this about home and interior design for my school research project. The information and image presented here is really wonderful! I have
    Bookmarked this webpage and will be included to my report.

  2. Chess-Inspired Interior Design | Interior Design & Decor | Chess IQ Says:

    […] more here: Chess-Inspired Interior Design | Interior Design & Decor Filed Under: Chess, General Tagged With: brave-design, chess, […]

  3. Rook Says:

    Where can you get that chess bedspread as seen in the bedroom photo with the oversized (stuffed?) chess pieces?

  4. Arty Says:

    Rook, I don’t really know, sorry. Maybe anyone else here knows?

  5. Ashley Furniture HomeStore- Wilks Says:

    Chess-inspired design is an interesting idea for designing one’s home! We like your suggestion to think outside the box and choose design elements not obvious from chess. Thanks forsharing!

  6. JayB Says:

    I love the idea of tacking up multi-colored pieces of cloth. I’m totally stealing this.


    Looking for Chess themed interior decoration for my new house

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