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Biomorphic House in Germany

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The hill on which the house stands, has almost the most beautiful view in Germany: a river valley, the medieval town of Marbach am Neckar with the fortification and the Town Hall. In the late 1960s, this piece of land belonged to the family of a wealthy businessman from West Berlin, who decided to build his dream home there. In accordance with his idea of ​​beauty he built a building with a large covered terrace and a tiled roof.

Biomorphic House in Germany by J. Mayer

Dupli Casa house in Germany by Jurgen Mayer

Dupli Casa house in Germany by Jurgen Mayer 

Over the past forty years the manor changed much. It has acquired porches and extra rooms. This “natural” plan was taken by architect Jurgen Mayer, whose house was the first private project. Prior to that, he specialized in the office building.

Three floors of the new houses have the same layout, but each is deployed on 30˚ relative to the adjacent. (Due to the repetitive layout the villa got its name – Dupli Casa). The main façade is not provided. The building looks equally exotic from each side. The architect was inspired by iPods. As he said, he wanted to do something as simple and charismatic.

Jurgen Mayer is proud by the fact that there is no right angle in Dupli Casa. Despite the fact that the house is more like a modern sculpture, it is very convenient for life. Each floor is designed for one generation of the family. Three generations will soon be living in Dupli Casa. And in the center there is a common area with a large dining area and access to the spa with an Olympic-size pool.

Dupli Casa is deployed so that the beautiful views of the Neckar valley opened out of each room. The total area of ​​the three levels is 12800 square feet. The walls in Dupli Casa are made of white concrete. The architect immediately rejected the plaster. The house looks more sculptural without additional finishing.

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