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10 Most Unique Airbnb Rentals In The World

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Airbnb is not only a great way for travelers to experience other countries through natives’ homes, but also a chance to live in most amazing buildings and see most stylish or quirky interiors. It also looks like a great source of interior design, home decor inspiration.

Boot House

he Boot-Fairytale Accommodation in Tasman, New Zealand

Boot House living area

At $201 per night The Boot-Fairytale Accommodation in Tasman, New Zealand definitely makes for an Instagram-worthy rental. The quirky building features a modest interior with enough space for two. The bed and breakfast type of accommodation also provides Internet, heating, and well, breakfast. Described a place for romantic weekends the house is surrounded with trees and national parks.

Seashell House

Seashell House in Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Seashel House bedroom

Seashell house is hands down the most amazing Airbnb rental out there and one of the most amazing buildings in the entire world. Shaped as a seashell Casa Caracol is located in Isla Mujeres, Mexico, accomodates four people and provides a heavenly escape from traditional tourism with a radiant blue swimming pool, 24-hour check-in, and a beautiful stone fence surrounded by trees. The rate for two shell houses is $249 per night.

Royal Train Carriage

Royal train carriage Pokolbin

Royal train carriage bedroom

If you’re down in Australia looking for a place to stay, a Royal train carriage in Pokolbin could be it. The network of train carriages accommodate different number of people from 4 to 10, while Royal that costs $117 per night will house two people granting access to the tennis court, hot tub, swimming pool, and outdoor spa. The unique rental also features stained glass windows and an outdoor dining area.

Mirror House

Mirror house exterior

Mirror House Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Mirror House is described as unique artist house and it’s truly the way it sounds. With its incredible LP library and creative design you’ll never forget the experience. And at $165 per night the house becomes quite affordable, if you group up as it can accommodate up to 10 people. They also offer breakfast with roasted, ground coffee. Mmmm

Troglodyte Cave Home

Cave House interior design

If you always to know what it feels like to live like a caveman, this Chez Helene Amboise Troglodyte Cave Home in France will help you to get the idea for just $80 per night. Located just 2 miles from Leonardo Da Vinci’s home town of Amboise the house in a cave includes an unusual stone interior, breakfast, Wi-fi, and free parking.

Atypic Studio Charming Caravan

Atypic Studio Charming Caravan

Charming Caravan interior

A few years ago it’s been all planes, now it’s train/land transportation time. Atypic Studio’s Charming Caravan in France is a cute property with a kitchen, breakfast, and pool. The roulette can be rented for special price for a long stay since September to May.

Dragon House

Dragon House exterior

Dragon house interior design

Here be dragons… is a medieval-like fantasy-style property with an actual dragon figure perched on a house’s tower. It’s located in Westhall, UK, in a rural area just 2 miles to the nearest market town and railway station and 2.5 hours from London.  At $417 per night you get a complementary glass of wine (or two) and breakfast. The house also provides free parking and internet.

The ‘Owl House’

Owl House

View from the inside

The Owl House is a cute little property in Hightown, UK (30 minutes from Liverpool) that will melt your heart even if it doesn’t have a private bathroom. The amenities in this little room include a fireplace and wi-fi and there is also access to kitchen, bicycle shed, and a shower. At $115 per night you can bring extra people for free but be sure they’re booked in.




Like flying but can’t seem to get an hour of sleep during flight? Well, you may now have a sleep slumber on a plane, albeit without flying. This property in France charges $99 per night for the experience and also offers a kitchen, access to pool, and laundry machines to your disposal. There is no wi-fi, but you can spend time with your pet instead.


Cubehouse in Rotterdam, Netherlands

Cubehouse interior design

We already covered Cubehouse but it turns out you can actually rent an apartment for four there with kitchen, Internet, and TV. At $148 per night and space enough for four, Cubehouse makes for a hip accommodation option in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Located in the heart of the city the Cubehouse is surrounded with restaurants and stands in front of the biggest markets in the country.

Have you stayed in any of these? What was your experience like?

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