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Home 07 By i29 l interior architects

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This single family apartment in Netherlands by i29 l interior architects has an unusual perforated divider wall that separates the dining area from the rest and has multiple functions. The home has a clean painted white interior with natural pinewood finishes. The laser-cut wall functions as a kitchen and storage as well as divides the space giving the seating area more privacy and enough space for a dining room.

HOME 07 By i29 l interior architects

The dividing wall is a great architectural addition to the spacious home and the storage it provides makes it even cooler. Such a divider can be used for various purposes. Here it makes for a great kitchen with cabinets for storing tableware as well as a cooking area, a kitchen island. The divider also serves as a bookshelf, a library that can be easily accessed through the laser cut doors.

Beside all the functions this divider wall looks great thanks to assymetric laser cut pattern. It adds detail to the wide wood design while the black furniture adds a nice contrast to the white color scheme. The dining chairs complement the divider design with similar lines and shapes in the cut out backs. Such divider wall is a great solution to open plan homes. What do you think?

Home 07 interior design:

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