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Half-Timbered Houses in Freudenberg

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The most exciting trips you can imagine are time travel. And while science fiction only dreams to invent a clock that would go back, some travelers already know how to go to the real Middle Ages. It’s enough to visit the German city of Freudenberg, in the center of which there are the houses built in the half-timbered style. Similar historic center does not exist anywhere else in the world.

German Medieval Architecture: Half-Timbered Houses in Freudenberg

Half-timbered houses in Freudenberg, Germany

Half-timbered houses in Freudenberg, Germany

Freudenberg is one of the most interesting ancient cities of South Westphalia. The historic center is called Alter Flecken. There are 50 houses in this historic center, forming a long street. All the houses look identical: whitewashed walls, brown , slate roof and sloping wooden beams typical of this style.

Most of the houses were built in the 17th century, then Freudenberg was badly damaged by fire, and was virtually destroyed. The city center was restored, and for many centuries the authentic houses became a kind of “landmark” of the region. Today Alta Flekken is included in the Cultural Atlas of North Rhine-Westphalia as a “monument to the construction of international importance”.

Half-timbered houses in Freudenberg, Germany

Half-timbered houses in Freudenberg, Germany

Thanks to its long history of location surrounded by picturesque mountains, Freudenberg is a popular place for many travelers. Tourists love to visit the city also because there is surprisingly mild climate. One of the main attractions of Alta Flekkena is a Summer Theatre. The stage is surrounded by forest and cliffs.  There are two new plays every year. One play is for adults, and the second one is for children.

Among other attractions there is a city museum, where among the exhibits you can see a collection of watches of the famous watchmaker Stahlschmidt and Technical Museum, the centerpiece of which is a steam engine, released in 1904.

By the way, you can admire the half-timbered houses in another medieval town – Bernkastel-Kues, which is rightly called the pearl of German architecture.

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