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Spring Décor: Tine K Home Collection

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Are you tired of frost and winter? Is there something warm and cozy you crave for? Perhaps for something that might make you serene? Then, it is the collection from Tine K Home, titled “Pure”.

Tine K Home collection

Spring&Summer new collection “Pure”.

The collection was released in early Winter of 2012. This spring and summer collection has many hues, textures and details. It is mostly white, but by no means is restricted to only this color, it has chalk white, smoky white, fade wooded palette and even blue and violets to emphasize some elements.

This collection certainly has some style in it, but it is mostly subdued by the comfort and warm feeling. It has some worn out look to it, but it only adds some attitude to the collection. First of all, Tine K collection is never final and provides some freedom, being a good base for decorating you living area. In this way you can be a designer yourself, letting out all your creativity.

What is wonderful about this new collection, is that it combines many hints and hues as much as color is concerned, but it also has many cultural items in it. Coming from a Danish designer, Tine Kjeldsen, this amazing whirlwind of cultural notes makes you feel surprisingly relaxed, and enjoy the purity and depth of each element. It has a bit rustic and shabby look which adds elegance and style to it. But not in aggressive way, it just makes you enjoy the calm dreamy interior. Embrace the whiteness and serenity of this spring and summer Tine K Home 2012 collection.

Check the amazing Tine K Home Design collection 2012:

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