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How To Jazz Up Home Decor

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If a house doesn’t really require renovating or if the place is rented but appears boring it can be easily jazzed up with a few ideas we share today. First off, we start at figuring out the color scheme. If it is basic and especially if it’s white or white-based there are tons of possibilities to incorporate brights and patterns to the decor in decorations and accessories. If the color scheme is quite independent the accessories and new decorations should match and contrast it. Try to work with what you have to reduce expenses and time spent.

How To Jazz Up Home Decor

Change Curtains

If the window is a focal point of the room simply changing the curtains to something interesting can spruce up the boring home decor. Add some matching and contrasting bedspreads or throws to the furniture to freshen up the rest of the room.

Bright Cushions

Bright cushions and throw pillows will draw the eyes from the plain and word furniture and might add a nice contrast of old and new to it. Throw pillows can be handmade or the ready ones can be decorated with beads, embroidery, and other decorative things.

Stained Glass

Stained glassware can easily jazz up the boring decor adding an eye-catching detail to it. Pick colors that accent the existing color scheme. You can block different colors in variously shaped glassware to make up a beautiful collection.

How To Jazz Up Home Decor

Seasonal Decor

Seasonal decor is an easy way to jazz up a habitual home decor. It can be a creative DIY project and the materials can be found outdoors and arranged to fit the interior design of ones’ home.

Statement Pieces

Creative statement pieces like statues and artwork can make great focal points and add elegance and depth to the home decor. This can prompt conversation as well as provide the source of mind food and simple aesthetic pleasure.

How To Jazz Up Home Decor

Creative Lighting

Creative lights from lamps to lanterns and candles can definitely jazz up the home decor as well as different lighting angles and techniques can hide and accentuate the decor elements that you want to hide or highlight.

Wall Stickers

Wall stickers are easy and quick wall upgrade. Especially if the walls are fine the stickers can be applied anywhere in the room to add a fresh jazzy feel to it.

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