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How To Design Bathroom With Vintage Flair

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A bathroom with vintage flair can be a perfect hideaway at home. A beautiful clawfoot tub makes for a sweet romantic look and atmosphere where you can relax after a long working day forgeting about mundane problems even if for a while.

Vintage Bathroom Design Ideas

How To Design Bathroom With Vintage Flair

Choose Style

To design a bathroom with vintage flair, choose a main style first. It will help you keep the decor consistent but also tie all the elements together. For instance, you can opt for a cleam modern look with vintage accents by choosing modern furnishings and sanitaryware designed in vintage style. Your bathroom will be sleek and yet will have those decorative faucets and vanity.

You can also opt for shabby chic which is quite romantic but is more budget-friendly as it allows to use old and truly vintage furniture and accessories. Floral prints that shabby chic is also known for are perfect for a vintage bathroom as well.

Rustic style bathroom may also have vintage flair to it as vintage naturally goes with this style. There are also many opportunities to try your hand in DIY decor. Think bucket sinks, paisly handmade curtains, reupholstered furniture and other decor items you can create/give makeover to with your own hands.

Victorian style is much more dramatic so if you want an impressive bathroom then that’s the way to go. Think gilded mirror and furniture frames, wallpaper, artworks, and even a fireplace.

Mix Old & New

Mixing old with the new is a great idea when designing a vintage style bathroom since you cannot really use old sanitaryware. What you can use is vintage curtains, shelves, toothbrush cups and such. Also look into manufacturers who produce vintage style modern sanitaryware to help you design a beautiful vintage bath.

The best choice for a vintage bathroom would be a clawfoot tub as it gives off the vintage feel and features decorative legs that add flair to the decor. It also immediately creates a focal point in the room setting the tone for the whole bathroom.

Pay Attention To Detail

Details are very important in any decor so be sure to use accessories that fit the style of your bathroom. Choose or make vintage style racks, mirrors and chairs that you use in the bathroom.

Bathroom accessories like cups, bowls and jars in vintage style would greatly emphasize the decor while keeping it consistent and organic.

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