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Ideas For Creating Shabby Chic Kitchen Design

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Continuing our shabby chic design idea file we would like to talk about shabby chic kitchen designs. What can be more cozy than a nostalgic vintage kitchen a little bit distressed from time? A lived-in look of a vintage shabby chic kitchen filled with natural light from the airy curtain-clad windows invites to sit and enjoy every minute of an afternon tea or friendly chat.

Ideas For Creating Shabby Chic Kitchen Design

How To Create Shabby Chic Kitchen Design


Cabinets create a focal point in the room so investing in vintage style cabinets or giving a distressed look to the cottage or country style cabinets that you already have. Cracked paint and old-fashioned handles only add to the shabby chic kitchen decor.

Vintage Curtains

Vintage patterns look great in combination with lace and ruffles. Add a pop of color to your shabby chic kitchen with vintage curtains or wallpaper in feature wall. Natural materials like linen and cotton add great a country touch to the design while lace looks romantic and simply charming.

Little Details

Adding little vintage distressed decorations and accessories to the kitchen decor will emphasize the room’s style. Use wall clock, vintage posters, artwork frames and other accessories to add depth to your shabby chic kitchen design.

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