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Summer Season Decor on Budget

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Here comes the Summer season. Heat is about to rise and as we change our wardrobe and dressing habits so does our garden, so why not change your home decor a bit? Think about how you want to freshen up your interior design. Do you want more colors? Or do would you rather enjoy white and neutrals? Do you want more flowers or plants everywhere or do you want more open space?

Seasonal Decor on Budget

The first and easiest budget-wise way to freshen up your home decor is removing heavy curtains and rugs. You may leave windows curtain-free for more natural light but you may also replace them with a nice white breathing piece of fabric. You can go rustic in summer using plain natural fabrics of light or bright color in your decor without any sewing leaving the hem unfinished.

Flowers and plants are great summery decorations. Let the sun in unless your plants are shade-loving and let your plants enjoy sunlight. Make or decorate the plain pots with paper flowers or embroidery. You can also venture repeating Fedor Van der Valk’s String Gardens.

Seasonal Decor on Budget

Decorating your porch with some vintage or recycled furniture from your home or garage that you thought you’d never use in your home decor. It’s a great way of “ridding” from unnecessary things as well as acquire “new” furniture on budget. Redecorate it, experiment with it and you may end up making a great lounge or eating area at your porch. Outdoor lighting can be anything from candles to your average lamps that you can redecorate whenever you like using acrylic or spray paint.

Put fruit on display. Take a pretty bowl, wash some fruit and put on the coffee table in the living room or the dinner table at the dining area. If you have a garden you can pick up slightly unripe fruit and let them ripen while they are decorating your home on budget.

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