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Add Drama To Decor Using Elegant Settees

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Beautiful things are always pleasing to look at, so surrounding yourself with statement furniture might be just the right idea if you want to come home to escape from routine and please your sense of beauty. There are quite a few settee types and designs out there. There are new designs as well as antique and vintage styles. A settee is a great addition to the formal sitting or dining room as well as a perfect seat for a breakfast area.

Using Dramatic Settees In Decor

Taylor Llorente bench

Taylor Llorente $7293.045 bench

High Back Settees

High back settees look like settles that were before sofas and featured high backs and sometimes storage space under the seat. Modern settles come in a variety of styles. There are tufted ones and the one that feature impressive woodwork. These high back benches or sofas are great for dining and breakfast areas as they provide a focal point for the area.

Round Settees

Round settees are are more decorative than practical in residential interiors but they can easily become a beautiful accent in a bedroom or better yet in a dressing room. If your house boasts a big enough hallway you can place one there to provide yourself and your guests with

Vintage Settees

Vintage or antique settees bring history and certain charm to decor so adding one to your traditional or even contemporary living room might be a good idea if you are looking for ways to enhance it.

You can also place any settee in the hallway to add some grandeur and chic to your entry. Think about adding a bright accent or a pattern with your upholstered settee for an ultinate statement.

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