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Mother Day Gift Ideas: DIY Sculpture Coil Vase

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Are you creative and up to new designs? Then, this post is certainly for you, it is all about making an awesome DIY sculptural coil vase present for a Mothers’ Day.

Sculpture Coil Vase

Self Made Awesome Copper Coil Vase

The spring is singing that Mothers’ day is coming. It is time to give, and for some to receive, presents. Do you already made yours? Perhaps, you want to be original and make something with your hands. After all, handmade stuff is very valuable and unique.

It doesn’t have to be very expensive, but the handmade gift is an awesome gift. This amazing sculptural coil vase can be exclusively for your mother! All you need is some copper coil, needle nose pliers, fast drying epoxy, and tiny glass tube, to be used as a vase. Not much at all, but the outcome is just wonderful.

In order to make foundation for your vase, you will need to bend the coil and make little circles out of it, by using your pliers. Now, you base is done, just make sure that it can stand on its own. Don’t stress out if the coil is not as round as you want it to be. The beauty of it is in its naturalness. So, once your coil is ready, find a space where you will put your glass vase into, and before doing so, put some epoxy around it. Remember, you can make as many vases as you want, just make sure they are poised. Now you can slip your vase into its coil and voila, you awesome handmade sculpture coil present is ready!

I am sure your mother would be happy to receive this awesome vase as a gift! Meanwhile, follow these easy steps to make your own DIY vase.

Check out how to make sculpture coil vase:

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