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Marble Tableware

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Sometimes  interior decoration doesn’t require any time or effort at all. Think bright and easy marble technic to decorate your glasses or china.

Marble Technique in Tableware

Marbel Paint on China

Marble Paint on China

Decorating Step by Step

All you need is:

  • Special paint for marble that can be bought at arts and crafts shop or nail polish of different colors can be a good substitute.
  • Bowel with water
  • Toothpicks
  • Nail enamel remover
  • Scotch tape

Let’s say you decided to decorate your glasses. Start with wrapping those parts of the glasses you don’t want to be painted with scotch tape.

When glasses are ready, you need to prepare paint. Pour paint/nail polish of one color into the water. You don’t need much of paint for that. Sometimes even several drops will do. Diameter of a spot is equal to the size of an area you want to decorate. Other colors follow one after another in layers. It’s important to remember that both paint and nail polish freeze very quickly, so don’t meddle.

Take a toothpick and form any weird spot you want. This also should be done very quickly.

And now the process comes to an essential part. Take the glasses and put them right into the paint. Hold them like this for a little and take them out. The rest of the paint is to be removed from a water after you finish.

Let the drawing on the glasses dry. Afterwards you may take a colorless nail polish and cover your masterpiece with it to protect your creations.

After everything is done, scotch tape is removed and any misshaps may be corrected with nail enamel remover.

That is it! Though the glasses won’t be dishwasher-friendly. The brighter colors you choose, the brighter glitz you will get. This is an extremely easy and quick way to surprise everyone with the new look of your tableware.

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