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Using Buckets As Sinks

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Bucket sinks are an interesting addition to a vintage bathroom design. Almost any bucket can be made into a sink to be used in the rustic kitchen or a shabby chic bathroom.

Using Buckets As Sinks

In order to create a functional bucket sink you might want to consult a professional plumber for a practical advice on how to do it and whether the bucket sink will suit your plumbing system.

An old bucket should be sturdy and whole without any holes or rusty spots thus ensuring the sink’s longevity. You can also give it a makeover with some golden or bronze paint that will make it more shiny and suited to your style.

Choose a faucet that would look harmoniously with the bucket sink. Also make sure it fits with the style of your bathroom/kitchen design style.

Buckets Sinks In Bathroom Design

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  1. Lisa @ Lisas Creative Designs Says:

    As an avid upcycler, I love this idea. I love finding new uses for “old” pieces. Using an old bucket for a sink definately adds the unexpected to a bathroom and adds character. Love it.

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