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Budget Outdoor Furniture Makeovers

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Cheap outdoor furniture may not be pretty but it is a good base for budget-wise decorations that can enhance the look of the furniture and outdoors in general.  Plastic chairs, tables and loungers are among the most common outdoor furniture items due to their low prices. Their plastic uniform look is not very sight-pleasing but you can always turn to DIY projects for inspiration to give your outdoor furniture an instant makeover.

Budget Outdoor Furniture Makeovers

One of the recent plastic chair makeovers include a Monocover by Tom de Vrieze. It is a great budget DIY project that shows you how to make creative upholstery for plastic chairs step-by-step for just €1 ($1.4). You can download instructions on Tom de Vrieze website after the purchase.

But there are plenty more ways to give your old or new plastic furniture a quick budget-wise makeover. Plain wooden or wicker furniture can benefit from a colorful paint. Think through the colors, patterns or texture you want to achieve before choosing paint as it will make it easier to get the results you wanted.

Plastic chairs can also benefit from paint. You can not only repaint the whole chair but draw interesting patterns and things on it. Another easy and budget way to give your old outdoor chairs a makeover is to buy durable fabric with an interesting print and color and cover your chairs with it pinning it at several places or simply putting a pillow on a seat.

Before choosing the colors and paints for your makeover make sure you have a clear picture of the results you want to achieve within the reasonable expectations, of course, due to the tight budget.

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