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Design Solution: Imitation Wallpaper

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Want that special finish on your feature wall? Or even the entire room? Imitation wallpaper may be the answer. The faux finishes achieved with such wallpaper can be a great budget way to update your interior design.

Design Solution: Imitation Wallpaper

Industrial Chic

The problem with industrial look in regular house (not former industrial premise) can be easily solved with the ‘concrete look’ wallpaper or imitation stone wallpaper that has a distinctive look that will help create industrial style interior.

Rustic Allure

Wood imitation wallpaper designs are also available in case you want to create a rustic style design. It’s a great way to give the walls wood texture look or a playful look that logs imitation wallpaper can provide.

Faux Furniture

The imitation wallpaper can not only imitate finishes but also bookcases, doors, and other furniture and architectural elements. This is a sure way to add some depth to the interior design.

Faux Finish Wallpaper Design

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