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Drawn Interior Design Elements

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Sometimes an interior just doesn’t seem to have that special something to make it truly special. It can be that it’s too simple or too slick in its modern minimalizm. And when you can’t rebuild it or buy it that’s when the drawn on elements come to help. Just look at all these great ideas!

Special Interior Design Elements

Chalk headboard

A chalkboard wall would allow you to draw a different headboard once you get bored

No headboard, no worries. You can draw it on the wall right next to your bed using chalk or colored tape, if you don’t want to actually draw on the wall.

Drawn doorway

Grand doorway

You can make things appear grander than they are by simply using different colors of wall paint. This amazing example shows how you can make a simple doorway into a grand entry just by sheer imagination. Also the gilded mirror frame helps.

Wall artwork

And finally, you don’t need a frame to put an artwork on the wall. You only need an artist. This looks even more impressive than it would if it was framed. Freedom of a blank wall can also inspire and give way to such artistry and creativity that you might just surprise yourself.

There is much more to this drawing-your-own-interior-design/architecture thing. You can literally draw anything you want anywhere you want. It’s a neverending tool of design and decor if you will and when done right it’s no less impressive than if it was actually real.

It’s also a great way to save next time you’re remodeling a home. Want some beautiful molding and crowns but can’t really afford them or have to break a bank? Why not try to draw them? Maybe you’ll like it better or enough to wait till you are ready to do the real thing and not sweat about the budget.

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