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How To Choose Shower Cabin

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Shower cabin/enclosure can be a solution for small-spaced bathrooms as well a way to protect bathroom floors from water. There are many shower cabin styles and designs out there. They are also made of various materials and have different functions.

How To Choose Shower Cabin


Shower cabin must fit into the bathroom so its size will depend on the size of the room. Opt for slim and simple designs as they will occupy less space in a small bathroom rather than spacious and elaborate shower cabins.


Style of the shower cabin will also depends on the user’s needs. Some designs have built-in folding seats while others are plain and simple. The more features the bigger the cabin might be. Though it depends on design. Certain shower cabins can be both quite slim and equiped. There are also open and closed shower cabins. The former ones come as dividers between the bathroom and shower and the latter ones comes entirely enclosed.


Showers are made of tempered glass, frosted glass, Plexiglass, plastic, metal, and wood. Open showers can be done with tiles and divided with tempered glass walls and door. Depending on your tastes and budget choose quality product made of the material that fits your requirements and tastes.

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