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5 Ways to Decorate Interior Doorways

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Sometimes it’s simply fun to decorate without any practical reason. Interior entry and doorway decor isn’t particularly functional or mandatory but it surely makes things much more interesting. There are quite a few ways to turn your inner doorways into mysterious passageways between rooms.

Accent Color

Painted doorway

If you aren’t particularly adventurous decor-wise, you can opt just for a pop of color in your doorways. Painting the rim a color that contrasts with the walls would do.

Draw It

Painted doorway

You can also draw your entryway if you want to spruce it up some more or simply go beyond its limits and paint and make it the size you want (like in the picture above).

Unusual Doors

Unusual doors

Unusual interior doors are a great way to confuse your guests or your own senses but they are so much more interesting than normal doors. You can try reusing actual wardrobe doors from your old discarded wardrobe if you want. This way your room might look like it has no exit or entry but that’s just great for the room you want to hide and keep all to yourself.


Doorway curtains

Doorway curtains add some cottage or bohemian vibe to the interior and if you are after those style and atmosphere, then curtains are a perfect alternative to interior doors.

Creative Molding

Creative doorway

Creative doorway molding or trim can really amp up the glam in the room. And if your entry molding is too traditional you can always take a brush to it and make it stand out or pop with some neon brights, for instance.

Say no to plain and boring doorways and use these tricks to make your home unique or more luxurious. The beauty of most of these ideas is that they are quite inexpensive and easy to DIY.

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