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6 Ultimate Ways To Add Curb Appeal

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We’ve talked a bit about easy ways to increase curb appeal but there are more dramatic ways of making the exterior and outdoors look impressive. It’s important to set a budget entirely for creating or adding curb appeal as well as make sure it’s distributed properly.  There’s also no point to invest in expensive door if the paint it all faded and cracked. So once the budget is set look into these 6 ultimate ways to add curb appeal:

6 Ultimate Ways To Add Curb Appeal


Entrance is one of the main focus points of the house. Even if the rest of the facade is pretty simple the decorated entrance can add curb appeal in an instant. Dramatic door, decorative house numbers, flower pots and some trim work will definitely make the entrance beautiful and eye drawing.

Fountain & Other Stone Work

A fountain even a small one will add drama and curb appeal. Some other stone work like a pond or a statue will also make a front yard look marvelous. Make sure it’s made of sturdy durable materials suitable for outdoors.


Bushes and flower beds are cute but a garden takes it all to the next level. Crawling plants add mystery to the house while the trees, flowers and other greenery add curb appeal and privacy.

Dramatic Lighting

Dramatic outdoor lighting can add a lot of curb appeal to the house. Some creative and unusual lights can be used to illuminate the garden. Using landscape lighting techniques can help accentuate some interesting architectural details of the house and hide those that are less interesting.

Decorated Lawn

A groomed lawn makes a house look neat but decorate it with trees and stones or dramatic flower beds and it becomes more interesting and eye drawing. Small islands of shapely rocks and stone statues will add interesting detail that will definitely catch the eye and add personality to the house.

Creative Fence

A creative or colorful fence will not go unnoticed. It can also be decorated with lights and ornate dramatic gates. It can also be quite inexpensive but it’s got to have a special touch to it.

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