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3 Ways To Update Wood Flooring

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Wood floors are classic. They give a place that luxurious or rustic look (depending on finish) and they are more versatile than most types of flooring. You can refinish and repaint them as well as polish and wax them to look as brand new every couple of years. But if you want to really spruce up and update your classic wooden floors here are the three ways to do it.

Spruce Up Your Wood Floors

Painted wood floors

Creatively painted wood floors

Creative Painting

There is more than one way to paint wood floors. Don’t go for a roller just yet and see how you can use the floor pattern as an accent in your room. This will instantly make the room more interesting and will look great with same wall color just like in a picture above.

Aged wood floors

Striped down wood floors

Strip it Down

If you’re tired of refinishing your floors it might be the time to strip them down and age them. This will work in minimalist, rustic, and Scandinavian interiors. Or it could be a great exuse to change your interior style to suit the floors. This will not only change the look of your home but will also allow you to relax a little about all the little dents and scratches, pet claw marks and stains on the floor.

Wood floors combined with stone tiles

Stone and wood combined


Did we say that wood floors are versatile? Well, since that is pretty much a fact you can actually combine your wood floors with stone tiles to create a nice dynamic in space or simply divided areas.

You can also do various types of inlays, patterns, and other decorations if you want to transform your old wood floors or give them a completely new look.

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