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Tips for Decorative Soundproofing

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If you want to be able to afford a little more sound inside your house than a mosquito’s buzz but can’t sound proof your house there are some decorative ways to increase sound insultaion. This is especially useful for those who live in a rented house or rather apartment where the walls are thin as paper and the noise policy is strict as law.

Decorative Sound Proofing Tricks

Soundproofing wall panels

3D wall panels

Wool Panels

Wool wall panels and decorative tiles are perfect for a DIY decorative sound proofing. They can be of different shape and color making for a great wall decor material. Wool panels work as sound absorbing layer between your neighbours’ amd your walls. There are also acoustic panels available on the market that you can hang as artwork on your walls.

Sound Curtains

Sound curtians


Sound Absorption Chenille and Fiber Curtains

Drapes are the best when it comes to reducing incoming noise, but they can also act as sound absorbant material for the walls. Specially designed sound curtains can replace wall panels if you don’t mind the cinema kind of look they give the interior. Though the regular curtains won’t do much to soundproof your home.




Drywall is a decorative interior element that can double as a soundproofing material. Since drywall is installed over the regular walls it creates a sound absorbing effect. It can also be filled in with some soundproffing material if you need better insulation.

Other insulation tricks that don’t require professional help include elevating sound sources above the floor, carpeting, and rubber mats for reducing noise from appliances.

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