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Knits in Interior Design

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Nothing makes a home interior so warm and cozy in winter as knits. And it can not only be a favorite wool sweater with deers or striped leggings, but also elements of the interior decor. Today we offer you a small photo collection of knitted decorative elements.

Knits for Interior Decoration

Knitting for cushions

Knitting for cushions

Many people love knitting. And it is quite understandable: things made by hand make any interior more individual and original. Different knitted items, such as pillows, blankets, quilts, and rugs have a very unique texture and give the home interior unique atmosphere. So you can add knitted decor elements to your “must have” list.

But where do we get such wonderful things for the interior? Frankly, such knitted decorative things are not cheap: each thing knitted by hand is individual and unique. And you can buy them online or in a special store. If you have the skills, you can create a decorative pillow or a blanket with your own hands: knitted décor, made ​​by yourself, will be even more valuable for you and your family.

We offer you some ideas on how to use knitted decor in your home interior.

Knitted décor for furniture and accessories

The most logical way is to decorate your furniture with knits. It will be lovely and warm.

It is not difficult to decorate the chairs. You can use an old sweater (cuffs or sleeves for legs; the main part for back; a completely ripped sweater for a stool).

Cases for poufs are harder to make. Most likely you will need to knit them with your own hands. But the result will be inspiring. Your guests will be delighted.

This gallery is a great source of inspiration. We are sure it will tempt even those who still believe that knitted decor is too complicated. You will see that even very tiny accessories like covers for cups and teapots, cuffs on the legs of chairs and lamps, candlesticks and vases look charming. And they can be created in minutes.

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