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Moroccan Bedroom Design Ideas

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Want a dreamy bedroom? Moroccan style is perfect for creating a dreamy colorful bedroom design. There are so many ways of redecorating a bedroom into Moroccan retreat from fabrics to architecture. Colors in Moroccan decor are bright and rich so don’t be afraid to use them to achieve a beautiful look.

Moroccan Bedroom Design Ideas

Bed With Baldachin

A bed with a baldachin or canopy is a key to Moroccan bedroom design. It is grand and beautiful and it immediately brings the style into the room. It also creates that opulent dreamy look and makes for a beautiful focal point of the room. In other bed options there are Moroccan-style headboards that will add a Moroccan feel to the room.

Window Treatments

Windows in Moroccan style can be left without curtains if styled in Moroccan patterns. Frames and shutters in Moroccan style are decorative and add flair to the design. The same goes for doors.

Moroccan Bedroom Design Ideas

Throw Pillows Gallore

Numerous colorful throw pillows do not only create a comfy sleeping space but also add color and opulence to the room’s design. They are also great at adding color to light or neutral color schemes. Bright and patterned throw pillows and cushions can also be used in other furniture like a sofa or armchair.

Moroccan Bedroom Design Ideas

Ceiling Decor

Ceilings in Moroccan interiors get special treatment. That is they can be decorated with carved wood or ceramic tiles which gives the room an opulent look. Adding a mosaic medallion to the ceiling can be enough to make the bedroom look opulent. If ceilings are too low use Moroccan style lights and chandelier to add opulence to the ceiling decor.

Moroccan Style Bedrooms

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