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Angular Contemporary Stuttgart House

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It is so astonishing to see the contemporary architecture and the weird shapes the walls are made into. Meet the exceptional OLS Residence, the house that was constructed by Mayer H. Architects. The weird shapes of the house echo the surrounding landscape and sing an ode to modern architectural choices.

OLS House n Stuttgart

OLS Residence in Rural Landscape

Located near Stuttgart city, Germany, OLS residence proudly stands alone in the rural landscape. This amazing house of angular shape is located among mid-century family building, which is quite regular as opposed to this one. The main feature of the house, as you can guess, is the spectacular view on the valley, which opens from the hillside location. This point was an essential request of the owners.

This modern house was built for a family of four, and it is divided into personal and social areas. There is an elevated ground floor, which opens its view right from the entrance. Then on the same level we discover utility room and spa. The second floor is entirely dedicated to living spaces: dining room, kitchen and a living room. The extensive glazing of the house offers a spectacular view on the valley below, and there is a little secret terrace, which provides a view on the garden.

The next level of the housing unit is dedicated to more private rooms: bedrooms, dressing rooms and vanity rooms. As you can guess from the facade, there is something inside the house that is taking the entire attention. That is completely true, there is the grandiose sculptural staircase, which unites all of the three levels.

The whole house is built as a reinforced concrete construction. The roof of the house also offers a recessed balcony that has solar panels for eco-friendly energy supply. The exterior is made from one heat-insulation compound system, aluminum and glazing. The anti-glare sheeting, along with slats offer integrated sun and heat protection. The lightweight walls inside the house are made from drywall. So, in general, the architecture of the house are very forward thinking, with an astounding view on the valley below, and with hints on sustainable development principles.

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