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8 Interesting Houses on Wheels

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Trailers nowadays can become not only country houses but even homes. There are many people for whom living in a trailer is a lifestyle. They are travelling in their houses by themselves or in groups like International Fan Club of Airstream, company that produce houses on wheels. This lifestyle becomes a distinctive feature of America. And as all American it is a sign of liberty and freedom. Trailers used by celebrities who has it as make up room, by NASA who used it for getting its astronauts to and from the rocket site, by politicians in their business trips around the country and by army.

House on wheels

Kempart trailer

Trailers with Interesting Design

Since 1931, when the first trailer was produced, it had a lot of changes in the design. Today houses on wheels have a trend to look more as a ship neither than a spaceship. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Belgium Kempart trailer hasn’t wheels. It has a shape of a cigar and could be placed in a spacious room. Outer walls has a hidden places, where you can find bar, TV or bookshelf. Each room is painted in different bright neon colors. You can place the house on the hind carriage of your car and ride to explore the world.

David Tonkinson from Great Britan designed a trailer in a shape of an egg. It is small, lightweight and because of its streamlined shape, it is super aerodynamic. This trailer fits well into an urban setting. It easily parks, can be towed by a small car and has everything for two urban inhabitants.

Tumbleweed Company produces houses on wheels that are no different from the real ones. One such has two floors: a bedroom upstairs and everything else downstairs. It’s been said that after a storm future developer of houses on wheels decided to build a house that can easily be moved to another place where is no danger. Tumbleweed’s houses are a good addition to that story.

Andrew Hinman Architecture built ranch for one of their client who desperately loved his trailer and didn’t want to get apart with it. Andrew Hinman Architecture simply built trailer into the house. Aluminum trailer perfectly fits in the hi-tech styled ranch and becomes the main part of the house.

If you can’t choose between staying in the wild with a tent and having a hasteless weekend in a cottage, Opera Holiday Mobile Home by Axel Enthoven may be a solution. Walls of this house made of canvas and can easily be assembled into a vehicle body. At the same time it has all the basic amenities including bed, shower and kitchen.

Waskman Design Studio created this house for Vodafone Telecommunications Company’s advertising campaign in Spain. This house besides all living conditions also has a telephone service and wireless internet. The house is equipped with solar panels. Interior made in white color and light wood to make rooms look spacious.

Next house on wheels Mehrzeller by Christian Freissling and Theresa Kalteis looks more like a piece of a huge asteroid that accidently fell onto Earth. Inside it also looks like a space ship from the 90’s movies. Everything is so bright and white that it makes you feel like you are inside a sterile capsule on the way to explore new worlds.

For those who like to travel by bike Kevin Cyr designed Camper Bike. Usually bike travelers sleep in tents that is not comfortable or in hotels that is not cheap. Camper Bike is a house that can be fastened to the bike during the journey. The house is small but has a bed, a TV and a kitchen. There is no shower or toilet, unfortunately, but Camper Bike is much more convenient than a tent.

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