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Structend Light by Cláudio Cigarro

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Structend Light is a pendant lamp created by Cláudio Cigarro inspired by lighting inside a tent that shows off its structure. Structend Light consists of a complex structured metallic carcass coated in black paint and a colorful bright tent-like cover that can be changed or removed for washing and cleaning. The light source inside the lamp illuminates the structure from inside just like the lighting in a tent showing off the complex structure of Structend Light.

Structend Light by Cláudio Cigarro

When these are illuminated they create visible structures due to the shadow caused by the inner light,

says Cláudio Cigarro.

Structend Light looks amazing and definitely can add a polygonal twist into the interior design adding detail and structure to the decor.

Structend Light by Cláudio Cigarro

The blue Structend Light looks like a precious stone with its faceted structure and blue glow. The tent-like cover as seen in the picture below can be easily adjusted or removed. This way one can change colors in the Structend Light in a moment giving the room an instant makeover.

But the structured frame is what makes this lamp. It’s interesting and stylish, it can add much depth to a home decor while the color adds nice contrast to the sharp black lines of the structure.

What do you think about Structend Light?

Structend Light by Cláudio Cigarro

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