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Wooden Venetian Blinds In Interior

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Are you seeking some protection from the sun and the exterior world? Then perhaps, wooden blinds can be an option for you? Check out different types of blinds, and how they fit into interior design.

 Wooden Venetian Blinds

Choosing best Venetian Blinds

The best wooden venetians blinds not only provide protection to your environment, but also provide wonderful addition to your interior design. They can come in various designs and colors, and are also environmentally sound, as they prevent harmful ultraviolet sun light. The blinds, as any window covering item, are a subject to include into interior décor. However, choosing them is not very easy.

Amazing part about venetian blinds is that they offer enough privacy while being sun friendly. Just by regulating the blinds you can control amount of heat and sun that you let into your house. The blinds vary by the width of the slats, tints and colors of the wood and of course type of mounting. The inside mount would display the window frame and make the window appear smaller. The outside mount on the contrary would help to make the window look bigger and of course great in disguising the uneven frames.

Wooden venetian blinds can also add some context and texture to your interior. If you hang them from the ceiling to the floor, they might appear monumental and essential part of your interior. If they cover just enough of the window, they appear like a curios detail. Another amazing trick that can be done with wooden venetian blinds is that if placed in the basement, and can make an illusion of the full wall window.

To make venetian blinds in accordance with your interior design style, you can chose the tapes or even redecorate them. There are also different ways to manipulate the blinds: by cords, tapes, turning wands and much more. Venetian blinds can also add some attitude to your room, or even become if not a center piece, but a very nice spot in your living space.

Check out amazing wooden venetian blinds:

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  1. Chris McDole Says:

    Well done article. I would point out that most windows don’t have enough sill space to fully recess the valance. If this is the case then the addition of valance returns 1/2 to 3/4 adds the right finishing touch.


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