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Decorating Twists: Clock in Interior

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In the digital age clock lost its significance as the main tool for keeping track of time. However, clock continues to attract attention of designers who value not only functional element of clocks, but mostly their decorative qualities.

Clocks in Interior Design


Window clocks

Wall clocks made in styles of different eras are mainly used in interior decorating. The most popular clocks are made in the classical, retro, high-tech or avant-garde styles. Exquisite designer custom-made clocks differ by their exclusivity. While planning the interior design ​​in any stylistic solution, you can buy original wall clock and make it the center of the composition.

Large original clocks are often a focal point of a modern interior. Sometimes designers decorate the space using not only one clock, but several creating an original composition of clocks. You can hang many different clocks on one wall of the room, as if they were decorating frames or panels. A popular idea is hanging several identical clocks that simultaneously show the time in different time zones or national capitals.

Large wall clock in high-tech style

Large wall clock in high-tech style 

Design of interior clocks can be quite different, but vintage items are particularly precious. For connoisseurs of antiques and family traditions antique and vintage items will never go out of fashion. And now more and more people find a passion for old things. If you are unable to purchase the old clock you can make a new model look antiquarian, using different decorating techniques like patinating

Large vintage wall clock

Large vintage wall clock

If you need a clock for masculine interior with simple wooden furniture where there is no place for excessive decoration you can use a rustic model with open mechanism made of metal and wood, with “rusty” hands and face.

Those who prefer strict minimalism and industrial aesthetics can choose a large clock-silhouette. They seem to “grow” out of the wall and fit harmoniously into even the most laconic interior. Among them there are “loft” models made of wrought iron.

Wall clock in laconic interior

Wall clock in laconic interior

A grandfather clock will suit a country-style design. It symbolizes the continuity of generations, timeless classics, and independence from fashion.

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