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Fun “Daily Menu” plates by 5.5 designers

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5.5 designers studio has designed these really cool plates. Shaped after your daily menu these plates will always give you the idea of what to have for dinner. 5.5 designers studio has a daily menu for you. And they expressed it in their new plates that are shaped to mimic the food and products you are going to eat for dinner.


There’s chicken and french fries for Monday and pork chop and green peas for Tuesday. For Wednesday you can eat sausage and purée and have ground steak and french beans on Thursday. On Friday you can enjoy fried fish and rice while on Saturday indulge in ham and small macaroni. Roast pork and cauliflower are for Sunday. Thus you can always have a clear idea of what to eat for dinner.


The “Daily Menu” plates design were created according to food conventional food combination. It’s typical of many of us to have meat and side dish or vegetables for dinner or lunch so the design was created using these considerations. I would love to have me this weekly set of plates.

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