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Compact Star-Shaped Dryer

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Even a dryer for washed clothes can be an interesting design object. Furniture designer Aaron Dunkerton has designed a nice and compact clothes dryer that will suit small apartments. You can expand and fold it down significantly reducing it in size whenever necessary.

Star-Shaped Dryer by Aaron Dunkerton

Floor dryer by Aaron Dunkerton

Floor clothes dryer by Aaron Dunkerton

Almost every house has a folding dryer. It would seem that there cannot be any innovation possible. But the Star-shaped dryer really opens new practical and aesthetic possibilities of this functional everyday object.

It occupies less horizontal space than conventional dryers. It does not need to be specifically attached to anything. And this model provides good air circulation between clothing pieces. According to the designer, due to the creative form of his dryer, it allows the air to circulate around the clothes, which makes for faster drying.

Folded floor dryer

Folded floor dryer 

In an expanded state the dryer takes the form of a twelve-pointed star. It has 36 rungs, the location of which promotes good air circulation. Due to this, the clothes hung on the “star” dries quickly enough.

The floor dryer consists of narrow plywood slats. The assembled dryer occupies little space and, therefore, is easy to store.

Expanding floor dryer

Expanding floor dryer

For realization of the idea the designer used the principle of “bunching”, which closes the dryer at both ends by means of small hooks and loops. The basis of the design consists of conventional plywood slats interconnected by joints. The dryer is made ​​of unpainted plywood and aluminum rails, light weight of which provides its easy moving and installation.

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