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Spring Home Decorating Ideas

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Spring is here and if you still didn’t swap heavy tapestry for light and airy curtains it’s about time to get to seasonal decor. The key to a beautiful spring makeover is choosing a few elements in the decor and adapt them for the season. For instance, slip covers will make for great and cheap seasonal upholstery while a floral tablecloth will instantly inject some spring mood into the room.

Spring Decorating Ideas

Spring Home Decorating Ideas

Floral Centerpiece

Floral centerpiece is an easy way to add spring touch to the interior. Choose tullips, daffodils, and other spring blooms to create a fresh centerpiece in your living or dining room. In case you have an allergy for pollen you can always swap the floral centerpiece for a fruit bowl which will be just as colorful and fresh.

Make sure to choose a decorative vase for your centerpiece or if you use clear glass vases you can fill them up with decorative pebbles or beads or tie the ribbons around vases, knit colorful slip covers for them or wrap them in bright paper.

Floral Prints

Floral prints are another way to add flowers to the interior without any risk of triggering allergies. Choose a floral rug or mat for your entryway, bathroom or a living room if you want a spring accent in decor. If you want more floral presence in the interior better opt for floral curtains and furniture upholstery/slip covers.

Spring Curtains

Martha Stewart suggests using hankie valance as window treatment for your seasonal decor. Add hankie valance to the kitchen of bathroom windows for a country cottage look. You can make one yourself using a rod or a string, curtain rings and a few handkerchiefs in same color palette.

Other Spring elements can include floral wreaths, potted trees, light airy ruffled curtains and rustic elements like decorative driftwood and cottage prints.

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