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Easy Makeover: Enhancing Curtains

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Window treatments add a lot to the decor. But once in a while it’s nice to revamp things and get a simple makeover by updating just window treatments. There are many ways of updating curtains because they are versatile and easy to work with in comparison to shutters and other modern window treatments.

Ideas for Enhancing Curtains

Enhancing Window Treatments

Valance & Cornice

Valanace or a cornice is a great way to add volume and character to your windows. A wooden cornice can be further enhanced with a patterned fabric wrapped around it in same color palette as the curtains. While a valance can hide the hardware or simply accent the curtains. To enhance your valance you can add a strip of lace to the hem and embellish it with beads for a dramatic finish.

If you don’t want either of these you can opt for a second layer of curtains. Thus you will add another color and texture to the window.

Holdbacks & Tiebacks

Holdbacks, tiebacks and other hardware can be updated, DIY, or simply replaced with new more interesting designs. For instance, you can create a tieback out of string and beads or add a rustic touch to your kitchen curtains by using rustic rope as tieback.

Holdbacks can be updated with a new knob covered with a decorative fabric, new paint finish or crystal embellishment. Curtain rod may also need an upgrade so repaint it or give it a new finish and color.

Enhancing Curtains

Curtains are universal window treatments and their best quality is that they can be updated at any time. Add ruffles to the hem and your light airy curtains are more embroidered and romantic. Add beads or tassles for a bit of dramatic effect. You can also dip-dye your curtains to achieve an unusual look.

Different Ways of Hanging Curtains

There are different ways of hanging curtains. You may ditch the rings and hang a curtain by wrapping it around the rod or you can use rope or ribbon to attach curtain fabric to the rod. You can also drape them to achieve a more interesting look or layer curtains of different color and texture for a more dramatic effect.

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