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Seashell Busan Opera House

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This seashell-shaped Opera House is a competition proposal design of a Portuguese firm OODA for the Opera House in Busan, South Korea. According to the architects the Opera House design is also bears a theme of the treble clef aptly chosen to suit the music context of the building. Yet the concept House is located at the sea shore which also blends it into the landscape as a huge seashell.

Seashell Busan Opera House

Busan Opera House design is fluid both in exterior and interior. The curved ceiling makes its way to the stage as if leading the sight of the viewers toward it. The design looks both futuristic and elegant as the curves make a beautiful silhouette while the lighting adds a futuristic touch to it.

The opera is not the only purpose for the building. It’s meant to have cafes, restaurants, shopping areas, banquet hall and exhibition rooms. The building is also designed for having natural light, cross ventilation and views. This multipurpose has a truly creative and conceptual design drawing inspiration from both music and the given landscape.

It’s also a nice contrast to the modern sky-scraping architecture with sharp lines and rectangular forms. It is bold but not overwhelming the environment or breaking the landscape.

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3 Responses to “Seashell Busan Opera House”
  1. Helene Says:

    What can i say?
    an opera house inspired by a seashell, not the first time (sydney opera house by Jørn Utzon)
    This looks nothing like it though, and is incredibly beautiful!

  2. lal wynstrom Says:

    That is a remarkably attractive building! Looking forward to seeing it in the real world!

  3. adam Says:

    Looks a bit like a whale that has beached himself

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