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7 Famous Designer Items

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There are home furnishings (furniture, accessories) that are found in almost every home. Today, it is almost impossible to imagine the home interiors without a chair, a table, an armchair, a dresser, a chandelier, a lamp and a vase. We bring you 7 most famous essential designer items.

7 Famous Designer Items for Home Interior

Noguchi table by Isamu Noguchi

Noguchi table by Isamu Noguchi

LCW chair

Design heritage from the couple of Charles and Ray Eames is produced by two companies – Vitra and Herman Miller. So the modern version of this famous chair made ​​of bent plywood can be bought without much hassle. But the original chair of 1946 is hard to find in the public domain.

Fortuny Floor Lamp

Fortuny Floor Lamp brought good luck to the Pallucco Italia factory. It was invented in 1907. Then it was only released in 1985 and immediately became a bestseller.

Aalto vase

Alvar Aalto made ​​a collection of twelve wave-shaped vases of different height and width in 1937. Since then, the Aalto vase is a symbol of Finnish design.

Zettel’z chandelier

Munich designer Ingo Maurer is a champion in creating fixtures for the MOMA collection. Zettel’z chandelier  is one of the items of the collection. Being easy to absurdity, it wins you by the fact that all the papers on it are replaceable. You can leave the factory image, or you can draw your own image.

Chest of drawers dresser

Droog Design brand is only twenty years old. Compared to other furniture companies it is negligible. However, during this time its owners managed to attract a lot of designers and released a few hits. The dresser made by designer Tejo Remy, imitating a bunch of boxes is produced since 1991 and has already managed to get both in museum collections, and the auction of contemporary design.

Noguchi table

This coffee table has the name of the designer who came up with it – Isamu Noguchi. It is noteworthy that at first this table existed only in the form of a sketch in the book “How to make a table” written by the other famous designer George Nelson. A little later, Noguchi made ​​a complete project, and in 1948, the table was put into production by the Herman Miller factory.

Eames chair

Another bestseller from the most famous couple in the history of design. This chair by Charles and Ray Eames was designed in frame of the project for the creation of the office furniture of molded plywood. However, shortly after the release of the first products the majority of instances appeared not in the offices of the management, but in their homes.

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