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Paramount Residence Alama by Plasma Studio

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Architects in Italia had faced a task to extend an old building in order to create new living area for another family. Someone else would just add two more floors to the existing building but that wouldn’t be a house worth discussing, right?

Paramount Residence Alama


House on Tophill

Curious construction remains a huge slatted hood, covering the original building and giving place for two more floors of a new house and a small court outside.

Looks like after thought and consideration the architects just decided to cut off the roof from the old block. Using location of the house near a small hill, they extended construction from behind. But the second floor of this residence seems crawling the original building from the back. Angular roof appears from the ground, covering the new house and roofing both the old and the new one.

New hosts do not disturb original inhabitants of the house when entering their apartment from an open area on their side. And get to their balcony by climbing external staircase on the side of the house. Balcony looks upon wild forests on the slopes of snow-capped mountains on the border with Austria.


What’s inside?

First floor is located almost on the ground level. Most of the rooms are located here, on both sides of a corridor. Glass chasm, splitting roof in two parts becomes a ceiling for the first floor and continues further to the top as a transparent wall for kitchen and dining room on the second floor.

A dining room and wide balcony on the second floor face wonderful landscape.

Another staircase inside the building also connect two floors. There is also a circulation allowing access to the neighbors from another building.


This interesting structure does not spoil the landscape as its main part is not seen from the front of old block and fits to the mountainous background from the front yard of a new family.

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