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Amazing H.R. Giger Museum

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If Giger’s name seems strange and unfamiliar, you certainly know at least one of his works, “the Alien” movie. Located in Switzerland, H.R. Gigger Museum is an amazing blend of surrealism, art and genios.Discover its amazing artworks in this post, where you can find out all about H.R. Giger Museum.

Giger Museum

Surrealistic Switzerland Museum

When talking of the H.R. Giger Museum, consider two kinds of them, one an actual museum and another one a bar, that keeps the aesthetics of the renown artist. Hans Rudolf Giger was born in 1940 in Switzerland. He received his degree in architecture and industrial design at the school of applied art in early 70s. His style is mostly influenced by his educational background and his art preferences, and he terms it biomechanical, where the human is interconnected with the machine.

The museum and the bar, are located in an old St. Germain caslte in the centre of the medieval town of Gruyeres, Switzerland. It has most of the Giger’s artworks collected in one place. It features real size statues that were featured in “Aliens” movie, his sketches and other works. The bar is a logical continuation of the museum ,where a tired traveler can rest and have some coffee in an awesome vertebrae like chair.

Opened in late 90 of the XX century, this museum continues to be a source of constant inspiration for many artists and interior designers throughout the world. Giger’s art is very influential and deep, promoting the humans’ basic emotions, that are dominating its behavior.

Check out Giger Museum:

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