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Modern & Layered Villa Ypenburg III

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Villa Ypenburg III designed by BBVH Architecture features modern and layered architecture. The three-story house stands on the water and is located in the Netherlands. Ypenburg is a name of the district in Hague city where the house stands. Surrounded by the house with more traditional sloped roofs Villa Ypenburg III stands out even more.

Modern & Layered Villa Ypenburg III

Villa Ypenburg III layered design is even more eye catching. The house features terraces on all three layers that unevenly make the structure. The house looks modern due to its interesting design and stylish black finish. The interior is however designed in white.

The white minimalist interior features slanted stairs that lead to the second floor that seem to be built into the walls. The first level features floor-to-ceiling windows that allow to see canals and bushes that surround the house.

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  1. Seminyak Says:

    Very futuristic designs. Love the staircase.

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