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Quiet Treehouse for Orphanage

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No wonder that in the context of social unrest, observed in different countries, many people want to move to permanent residence in a remote forest. Fortunately, many of them are those who are going to minimize the harm caused by their stay in nature. And architects help them in this.

Quiet Treehouse: Eco-House for Orphanage

Quiet Treehouse by Blue Forest

Quiet Treehouse by Blue Forest 

Blue Forest design studio implemented the Quiet Treehouse project, which was presented at the Ideal Home Show exhibition from 14 to 30 of March in London. It is a fabulous tree house, which will be donated to the orphanage in West Sussex, UK.

The construction looks like a fairytale character’s dwelling and at the same time is a quite modern solution for eco-oriented housing.

This cozy two-story house provides complete insulation, moreover, it is completely self-contained and can be installed anywhere. Its original design blends harmoniously with the forest landscape. It even somehowt resembles a house of an elf.

As we said before, the main feature of this project is its insulation – can escape from any sounds and enjoy the peace and quiet in the Quiet Treehouse. This is the purpose of creating such a construction-shelter – home for the weekend, allowing a rest from the city.

Interior of the Quiet Treehouse

Interior of the Quiet Treehouse 

Walls, floors and roof structures are lined with a special material called Acoustiblok, more than 80% of which is made of recycled materials. Insulation will allow parents and children to spend time in a calm, quiet atmosphere, in complete isolation from outside noise.

The construction itself is created for the most part from wood and other natural materials. The house stands on three pillars stylized as tree trunks, which makes it even more like a tree house – a cozy shelter from childhood.

As bureau chief Simon Payne says, the tree house provides a quiet hiding-place, causing thirst for adventure among children, which we ourselves have experienced in childhood.

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