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“Smart” Legged Micro House

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A team of Dutch designers came up with a modular mobile Tjep micro house Isolée, which is a secluded haven for outdoor recreation, a hut on four legs without foundation with minimal impact on its environment. Isolée is a three-story house with wood paneling round solar panels on the roof, through which on sunny days its inhabitants can have electricity and heat.

“Smart” Micro House with Legs from Tjep

Isolée house project from Tjep

Isolée house project from Tjep

Each of the three floors has its own function. The first floor is designed for the living room and hides the technical functionality; the second floor has a kitchen and a small dining area; the third floor is for a bedroom, bathroom and a tiny terrace.

Two end walls of the tall and narrow house have batteries fitted inside. Both facades are made as swinging wide blinds that are controlled with “smart home” system, powered by solar panels on the roof. In the daytime the blinds pass daylight in the house saving electricity. And during bad weather the system closes them tightly.

The house is heated partly with the same solar energy, and if it is not enough, this function is performed by a small stove installed in the living room on the ground floor. The stove is located in the open basement, which has access from the street and from the living room.

The house has everything you need for modern life, and that “everything” was fit in a very small area. The architects have integrated everything inside each other. A wardrobe is hidden in the headboard, radiators are inside the shield walls, kitchen is planned around the stairwell, and closet space is located on the steps.

The project is lovely, but it has only one serious drawback: it needs a clear sky and bright sun over the roof every day. Maybe that is why the conceptual design of modular “smart”, effective and environmentally friendly home is just a project. No manufacturer is ready to run it in production.

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