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3D Printed Shell House

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Peter Ebner and his workshop students from the University of California in Los Angeles, University of British town of Huddersfield, Munich Technical University and the Center for Entrepreneurship and University of Applied Sciences have developed a project of the Small Transportable Living and had already built its pilot version.

3D Printed Shell House by Peter Ebner and His Students

Peter Ebner and Small Transportable Living house

Peter Ebner and Small Transportable Living house

This house of about 50 ft2 is a variation of a mobile mini-house. Authors of the project explain the relevance of such houses by the fact that now a half of young citizens aged 20-35 lives alone and spends not so much time at home (such dramatic changes in the habits of the population occurred in the last two decades), and, therefore, does not need a spacious housing. Moreover, housing becomes a scarce and costly commodity due to the constant influx of new residents in the city.

But, unlike such mini-houses as “Diogenes” by Renzo Piano, Small Transportable Living in addition to the minimum necessary functions (bedroom, kitchen, bathroom) offers an integrated multimedia system: the projection screen takes up most of the wall and serves as the semantic center of the house. The screen is visible best from the bed on the mezzanine floor, where the projector is hidden.

Streamlined shapes of the house with “dome” shape of the overlap allowed to easily integrate most of the furniture. Also the designers have widely used space under the floor. In addition to technical areas, there are two compartments for storing folding chairs. The main source of light and fresh air is an Oculus window over the bed. A house owner can get on the bed using ladder.

In order to save space, a movable kitchen countertop with sink covers a bathtub. A small kitchen table can be extended out of this surface. The table is comfortable enough for two people. There is also a small fridge. Bathroom is equipped with a “folding” toilet, which can be hidden in the wall. In addition to the bathtub, the house has a shower and a sink.

However, the main feature of the house is its production that requires a 3D-printer. Every small detail, such as “spring” mattress was printed on 3D printer. The designers have printed not only the support structure of the house, but also electricity, heating, water, sewage systems, and thermal insulation. Heater and water treatment devices still can not be printed, but they have been thoughtfully integrated into the design of the house.

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