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Top 5 Modern Garage Designs

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Garage is not the best-looking part of the house. The usually enclosed space makes for dark interior with no windows and hence natural light. Modern garage designs challenge this box-like design and bring light into the garage spaces.

Top 10 Modern Garage Designs

Paz House by Eduardo Berlin Razmilic Associated Architects features a cool open garage with a water feature and grass patches and tree. The space near the building is roofed but features openings in the structure to let the light in. This creates an outdoor/indoor feel and eliminates the confinement of the garage which is aesthetically pleasing thanks to additional features like water and tree.

Top 10 Modern Garage Designs

Modern garage design by Indra Tata Adilaras is a part of the project, Split Level House that has a glazed roof and stairs that lead into the house. The garage space and the next room also share a wall with a big glass window which makes the garage look airy and less confined.

Top 10 Modern Garage Designs

Ecospace has created an Autospace, a free-standing garage shed that exists apart from the house and features glazed walls that allow displaying your car and also a built-in storage that will keep it neat and clean.

Top 10 Modern Garage Designs

This fourth modern garage resulted from a house extension by Cut Architectures that built a prictice room between the client’s house and the next one which functions as a roof to the vehicle.

Top 10 Modern Garage Designs

And rounding out our top list of modern garages is an in-ground garage design concept that utilizes a special system of hiding the car underground and serving as a sun awning while it stands open.

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