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Authentic Hotel in India

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Colored accents on traditional forms will appeal to lovers of design and Indian architecture. Lakshman Sagar Resort is located in central India, in Raipur, near the picturesque ruins of an ancient fort and Todgarh reserve. Architecture is considered the main highlight of the eco-friendly resort: a dozen of villas, built on the site of a former hunting entity, inherit delicate features of traditional Indian buildings and at the same time correspond to the European level of comfort.

Authentic Lakshman Sagar Resort in India

Lakshman Sagar Resort in Raipur, India

Lakshman Sagar Resort in Raipur, India.

Two old cottages, the former hunting houses, are decorated with color accents: in one house the main color is pink, in other – soft blue. They are designed to match the ten new villas, decorated with items that were handcrafted by artisans from the nearby village.

Each villa has a private pool with a whirlpool system. Houses have traditional fireplaces.

Lakshman Sagar Resort has been developed by a new studio Sahil & Sarthak from Delhi. The main objective of the project was to reinterpret traditional design methods in India, using different approaches.

Lakshman Sagar Resort ideally complements the architectural ensemble in the city of Raipur in central India. Young designers used only environmentally friendly materials and principles of traditional construction. Even in the interiors of the rooms (there are twelve rooms in the resort), bright “green” things are dominating. They are made of materials left over from the textile industry: furniture, pillows, lamps, bags and more.

The choice of materials fell on the available local resources. And for interior decorating the architects used the unique handmade items.

Everyday objects, agricultural tools and utensils are specially handcrafted for this resort. They embody a sense of style and tradition, which would reflect the spirit of the village of Raipur.

For example, there are trophies, made ​​from the tips of the plow, on the walls in the Mardana restaurant; and fabric upholstery on the chairs embodies the design of the national women’s clothing.

With its convenient location, the hotel offers easy access to the most popular tourist spots in the city.

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