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First Historic Hotel in Spain

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That was not archaeologists, but local hoteliers, who discovered one of the oldest buildings in the Spanish city of Valencia. They bought the historic building for the future hotel. Already by the time of the reconstruction of the building, it had a rich history. But the architects of the future hotel Caro Hotel found the real history of the building during the construction process.

Caro Hotel: First Historic Hotel in Spain

Caro Hotel

Caro Hotel 

We can safely tell the story of the city on the findings of the architects: arches of the Gothic cathedral, medieval staircase Arab city walls and columns of the Roman circus.

After the architects, designers and owners found out, how valuable the building was from a historical perspective, they raised the questions: How to combine so fascinating past of the building with the idea of creating a modern five-star hotel? What is worth keeping, and what should they remake?

As a result, the architect Francisco Jurado and designer Francesc Rife decided to play at such a remarkable history of the building and to preserve and restore the architectural features, where they would be needed.

Caro Hotel became the first historic hotel in the city. 26 unique rooms, not similar to each other – is a good example of how the cultural heritage of Spain can become a full member of modern city life.

Guests can observe the historical details in each room of the modern hotel: in a regular double room it would be the old stonework in the suites – Roman columns of the II century city wall VII century Gothic palace or part of the XV century .

There are two special rooms in the hotel with personal names: “Arab Tower” and “Marquise”. The duplex room “Arab Tower” has such name, because it is located exactly in the place, where there was a watchtower of the old city wall. You can see not only a part of the walls and towers, born in the VII century, but ancient archway, which provided access to the tower.

In the deluxe suite “Marquise” the most notable room is bedroom with ceiling moldings in the rococo style. In the XVIII century a ballroom and a tea room were located on this site.

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