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Things To Create Out of Shipping Containers Besides Houses

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Shipping containers make great houses that is for sure. But are there any other uses for these ‘oversized pallets‘? Well, we looked and turns out there are. Take a look.

Shipping Containers Not As Houses

Swimming pool box by Stefan Beese

Shipping container pool by Stefan Beese insulated with foam and furnished with wooden slats

Swimming Pool

No need for all that cement if you have a shipping container. Aparently these make great swimming pools albeit somewhat narrower and more standard shape than your custom pools. Anyway, it’s a great budget cut from your swimming pool. Think about it, to build a pool you’ll have to fork out over $20,000 whereas a container costs around $1,500 and higher. Even adding in the cost of work for an inground pool it’d still be cheaper.


Greenhouse by Damien Chivialle

Mobile farming module by Damien Chivialle

Growing your own food is not only a great way to cut on a grocery bill but also to have fresh safe produce year round. Damien Chivialle came up with an idea of this shared farming module that can be moved around the urban areas and uses traditional and modern means of cultivation including aquaponics. The shipping container is enhanced with a glass extension to allow sun exposure and fish pool to provide fertilizer to the plants.


Container offices by Potash Architects

Container offices by Potash Architects

An idea of a shipping container office might conjure up unflattering images but the architects and designers can be magicians too when it comes to working with stuff they already have. Arrangement, paint, and stylish furnishing will turn any shipping container or a group of those into a beautiful working space. If they can be used to build a house, why not create your own office out of one.


Del Popolo - Shipping Container Mobile Pizzeria

Del Popolo mobile pizzeria

Businesses can really make themselves stand out among competition with their shipping container premises. Everything from a boutique store to a cafe can be built from a shipping container or two. So far we’ve seen a shipping container Starbucks, Taco Bell store, mobile pizzeria, bars, a pop up mall and a gallery, and even a five-star hotel. Shiping containers can also easily become a garage or a garden shed.

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