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Modern Tea House by Archi-Union Architects

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Tea houses have a long history and slightly vary in purpose and design in different cultures. In some it’s about the tea ceremony in others the tea house is a public place for drinking tea and communication. Archi-Union Architects has built a tea house/library in the backyard of their design studio in China. Constructed of the salvaged parts of the original warehouse with a collapsed roof. The site also has some trees one of which was incorporated into the tea house architecture.

Modern Tea House by Archi-Union Architects

The two-story building has an interesting interior design thanks to creative architecture. The house is divided into three parts with public and private areas. The public area is open, featuring glass walls and faces the pool. There is a tea house on the ground floor with glass wall covers that provide with privacy. A library on the first level is enhanced with a balcony and a closed lounge area and reading and service rooms.

Thus this modern tea house is more than a place for tea ceremonies. The lounge and library provide space for rest and relaxation or quite place to read and contemplate. The yard with a pool and trees and fence create and enclosed outdoor area that adds to a serene atmosphere of a tea house. What do you think about Archi-Union Architects’ tea house?

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