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Roll House in South Korea

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A married couple, who work as teachers in the South Korean city of Miryang, appealed to the Moon Hoon architectural agency with an ordinary request at first glance. The couple asked the architects to build a house for their small family. Upon closer inspection, it turned out that they will have to build a house on a narrow strip of land stretched out along the street. The architects did not panic and have designed a narrow house, curled into a roll tape of rooms.

Roll House in South Korea from Moon Hoon

Roll House in Miryang, South Korea built by Moon Hoon

Roll House in Miryang, South Korea built by Moon Hoon 

The project, which turned frank deficiencies of the area into another exciting project in the portfolio of the architectural bureau, was named Roll House. The proportions of the site and its area, that can plunge a usual architect into despair, have become a real challenge for experimenters from Moon Hoon and inspired them to a design feat.

The two-storey building with an area of ​​1065 ft² has everything needed. The architects hid behind the massive gray facade a very narrow, but mind-organized space for a comfortable life of a young couple.

All rooms are adjacent to each other in a logical order. On the ground floor there is a small hallway, which smoothly flows into the living room, followed by the dining area and kitchen. The total floor space was not zoned by the architects with walls and screens. They separated the rooms from each other with split-level floors.

Partly sloping staircase leads to the second floor, where there is a master bedroom and a sitting area, which in the future may become a kid’s room. The house has a place with an open-air terrace. However, to get there is possible only through the bedroom.

Windows of different sizes and shapes, scattered across the broad front of the house, emphasize the dynamics of construction along with vivid details such as the red terrace and the attic of wooden shields overhanging the ground.

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